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Sledgehammer Fuck Sledgehammer Fuck

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Admittedly I was expecting some jolly tune to play. Song's good though. Don't worry too much about it being repetitive. Just look at this thing here ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ . Anyway, off to post more bullshit reviews in order to establish myself as the alpha male.

Vomit Piss Vomit Piss

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Honestly, as far as the drums go, it's an iffy thing. Overall, they're good, but the cymbals bug me for some reason. I have no helpful advice on that, though. Obviously, you're going to go through a ton of trouble to alter the sound of one piece of a drum set in a sample to please one tiny detail that slightly bothers me. Right?

Anyway, good sheets.

GoreBastard responds:

Thanks man. For some gay reason, I've always struggled to get a decent cymbal sound. Maybe one day I'll have some money to put towards getting some good samples! Haha

Cheers and beers!

The Deep Dark Abyss The Deep Dark Abyss

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A Nightmare?

I'm not marking down on this for something as silly as this but...this was based on a nightmare? Sounds a bit happy for that :D...Anywho, 5/5 and all that jazz, hope your nightmares don't grow beyond this point!

Rating: 5
Current Score: 4.17 (+.083)

Left 4 Dead - Omfg A Tank!!!!! Left 4 Dead - Omfg A Tank!!!!!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh look, a walking mass of muscle and death.

Although the big bastard travels somewhat slow, don't underestimate his agility when you're face to face. Given, I usually rock an auto-shotgun, but you can't afford to play hero with that behemoth. This song captures the fights perfectly. It packs the horror scenario from the original track, but the metal additions (IMO, mind you!) shows the more aggressive side of the encounters.

Forbidden Cavern Of Fears Forbidden Cavern Of Fears

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Meat locker.

Cold. Cold. Lost remains of humans hanging from the ceiling. Crude depictions of slaughter, written in the elegant ink that is fresh blood, lie smoking on the icy floor like graffiti on the side of a train car. Gray figures wander the void. Red eyes, no features to speak of, stark gray nightmares. They stand in motionless in perfect silence, waiting for my movement. I must hold still, yet their very being compels me to charge in for war as a martyr without cause. There is no logic behind the pure hatred towards or from those abominations, as if we exist to counteract each other. Spite flows through my veins, poisoning my blood. Can't be a pacifist, sick. It's making me sick. I move, I die. I stay, I die with a heavy heart.

Sorry, can't keep this one up any further. Good song...etc.
Rating: 5 (+ 0.0067)

punk7890 responds:

Thanks for your review!

Distant Galaxy Distant Galaxy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Go to your happy place.

Wouldn't it be something to remain here? Forever? No voices, no lies, no victims, no hypocrites, no bigotry, no scorn, no antagonists? No challenge to rise against, no enemies to strike down? Dreaming yet waking in a world of peace and solitude, broken free from those bonds that tied you on a leash to reality. Walking through a black landscape, enlightened. There is no more social anxiety, as there is no more society. There is no more paranoia, for who could plot against you? There is no more struggling to stay under the radar, as that dish lies unoccupied. No more living under a double standard that treats the disenchanted angel as a war criminal, no more double standards that treat the loner as a murderer. No more cultures that look upon intelligence as a taboo, no more cultures that smile upon their own idiocy. No more glorified con artists with power, no more rule under the boot of the usurpers. No more pretending like those kindhearted spirits are mere delusions, no more denying the illusion. No more loathing the village idiot that has became the idol, no more retaliation struck down by the shields of dense skulls. No more foreseen and fore-dreaded betrayals, no more trust to be cast away at the whim of the puppeteer. No more forsaken souls cast out into poverty, no more distant souls oblivious to my empathy. No more friends, no more family, no more enemies, no more rivalries.
Some call it Hell, some call it madness, others Purgatory, yet I...Heaven.

The one comment I have left that isn't fiction. Apologies are due if this reads as suicidal. That was not the intention.

Rating:5 (+ 0.0060)

punk7890 responds:

Thanks for your review! I enjoy reading them.

- Horror Field - - Horror Field -

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Double meaning. Surviving a battle, and it's been eons since I last posted a comment on anything here.

A lone warrior struggles from the wreckage of a downed Blackhawk. The sickening pain in his ribs was pushing him to suicidal thoughts. But as luck would have it, that temptation was denied. Every last bullet was spent saving that life that he sought to end. After finally moving a piece of the chopper's corpse from his would-be corpse, he crawled along the war torn ground. The air smelled of gasoline, of sulfur, of blood. Unidentifiable effigies of once proud soldiers lay scattered around as if 2012 struck. The corporal could not handle what he was seeing. He lived with those people, fought alongside those people, lived for those people. His demented cries fell upon deaf ears until the clock approached dusk. Soon, our disheartened corporal had company. He died with those people, he fought against those people, he died for those people.

Rating: 5 (+0.26)
Also, I sleep to ambient music. Pleasant dreams.

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punk7890 responds:

Thanks for your review!

Who doesn't sleep to ambient music?

Show No Tears Show No Tears

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Epic addition to my DMC collection

I've got a number of songs in DMC, and this has a very welcomed place in that collection. However, I give it an 4/5 simply because I think the synth-guitar was a bit low quality. Either way, that first word of my summary could not be more true.

Rating:4 (-0.000095)....sorry for the minuscule decrease XD

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Russian Roulette Russian Roulette

Rated 5 / 5 stars

No talk! Play!

I liked the addition of the synth guitar (I think that was it, don't quote me on that), that gave it a stronger feel for me. The orchestral breakdown at about 50 seconds was an unexpected, yet enjoyable change of pace.

Rating:5 (+0.00075)

Reminiscence of a Mercenary Reminiscence of a Mercenary

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I regret nothing!

I listen to this, and know that it's Madness Day somewhere. Oh wait, that's just in the sidebar...again...

A bit short for my tastes, but the riffs are catchy as a barbed rocket propelled fish hook covered with gorilla glue fired into a container at a sperm bank. In other words, a pointless, worthless review that can't even express a solid thought.
Kudos though.

Rating: 5 (+0.0037)